About New Horizon Exploration, Inc.

New Horizon Exploration (NHE) has been a technology driven exploration company since its founding in December 1985.

NHE has served as the Operator and Drilling Contractor in multiple joint ventures, the largest being with Texaco under Texaco's Delaware Basin Initiative, covering 100,000+ acres in Reeves, Loving and Culberson County Texas which resulted in the drilling and completion of over 100 vertical wells and the first four horizontal wells to be drilled in the Delaware Basin during the period 1986 - 1998. The company also drilled over 30 wells in the Fort Worth Basin during this period. From 1996-1997, NHE expanded its operations into Rocky Mountain Denver Julesburg Basin and Williston Basin securing tens of thousands of acres where NHE drilled the first three horizontal wells in Colorado's Weld County Niobrara formation and drilled the first three horizontal wells in Burke County North Dakota before today's modern day fracking solution. NHE also drilled four horizontal wells in the LA Basin and Santa Marie Basin of California during this period.

In 1998, the founder formed New Horizon Exploration Trinidad & Tobago (NHETT) to pursue development opportunities in Trinidad. In 2000, this company was awarded the Parrylands Block where it serves today as Operator with its Joint Venture partner Petrotrin, (National Oil Company of Trinidad and Tobago). NHETT has drilled 110 wells within the Parrylands defining a reservoir with more than 80 million barrels in place.

In 2006, NHE organized a Colombian Branch and was approved by the Colombian Government as a Driller Operator. In 2007 NHE was awarded the La Maye Block consisting of 70,000 acres with multiple prospects for light oil at less than 4000 feet. Today NHE works to develop this block with its industry partners.

As an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, NHE believes it is possible to produce oil and gas thoughtfully and carefully, protecting the beauty of our natural environment, while still meeting the world's increasing need for energy. Exploration is hard work with plenty of risk, but we have found there is nothing like it for drama and reward.

Today we bring forward the experience of our past and are combining it with the technological solutions we have helped define in order to profit from oil reserves that have been already found.