USA Development:

New production techniques combined with new technologies have given new life to old fields and unconventional reserves. These well defined areas are proving to be quite profitable for those applying new technologies. There is much more oil to produce from oil friendly states. Members

Caribbean Development:

Petrotrin, the National Oil Company of Trinidad & Tobago, chose New Horizon Trinidad & Tobago, Ltd., to be the Operator and developer of the Parrylands Block E in southwest Trinidad. After fulfilling its minimum work obligation (drill 100 vertical and 10 horizontal wells), the company is in the process of automating its field with precision pump control automation (Smart Pumper) a first in the Country. Members

Colombian Development:

Through an open bid round, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) awarded the La Maye Block to NHE on technical merit. With the help of its Industry Partners, the company explores to find light oil in the Cienaga de Oro South of Mompos. Drillable prospects are analogous to the nearby Cicuco field where 24 wells have produced 55 million barrels having peak production of 24,000 barrels per day. Members

New Horizon takes an active role to be a responsible corporate citizen and where it can, contributes to the community affairs and education. We have gained a lot of experience over the years and as a result provide technology transfer in many forms from horizontal drilling, well completion, art of artificial lift and well bore automation. All this serves to help manage fresh water resources, also. In a Trinidad example, NHETT has helped to deploy Smart Pumper Technology to the Water & Sewer Authority helping them manage water wells from their engineering center in St. Joseph Village. This specialized technology also aids the University of West Indies monitor water wells in Tobago for Seismic Research.