New Horizon has always recognized that you should

Love Your Neighbor As Thyself

and this includes OUR Environment.

Honesty & Integrity

In this light, we strive to communicate honestly with those who maybe concerned and otherwise impacted by our projects. We embrace the motto of a true scout, who strives to leave their camp in a condition often better than it was from the start.

Communication & Responsibility

As a responsible member of the community, New Horizon learned long ago that by working with those in the community we share the road with (and wave as we pass by) long-term meaningful relationships develop as a result of being a good neighbor which makes us all stronger and more appreciated.

Partnership & Committment

We also create partnerships with non-profit entities and local residents, as well as local and state governments, to support and produce sustainable projects that enhance the quality of life for the residents and communities nearest our operations.

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